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So I pissed my sister off last night.


I still watch True Blood, because I have invested so many hours/days/years on this show and I need to see it through to the end…no matter how horrid it is getting.

Well, Sunday night I watched TB and Pam (one of my favorite characters) said something really funny after she got all dolled up to…

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Oh Anon spam…how you make my day!

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Your sister is your first friend in life. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your sister. Even if you don’t get together or talk as much as you could, they’ll always remain your friend. Your sister will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime. Its “National Sister Week”

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I know right..My siblings are just aaaahh -___-


I know right..My siblings are just aaaahh -___-

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Sisterly Love But…Wedding edition

So, we all have done it…planned our wedding at age 5. It doesn’t matter if its just one part of it or the whole day, at some point in our childhood, we have planned our wedding. Well, I am no exception to that rule. I have had the songs I wanted to walk down the aisle to, dance with my daddy to , and even a special song for my mom to walk down the aisle to. I put a lot of thought into my choices. Well, one day, my sister and I were just chit chatting, and she asked what I would do for my wedding, and me being the person I am, very proud of my choices, I told her. Well, HELL if she didn’t use every single idea I came up with. 


I love my sister…BUT get your own wedding ideas. 

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I love my sister, but…

This phrase of mine stems back to when I was in high school, maybe 14 or 15 years old, and my sister was in college. At the time she was attending the community college in our area because she goofed off to much in high school to show my parents that she was mature enough to handle going away to school. So she lived at home. 

Well, my mom and my sister just butted heads…constantly. My sister felt she should be able to do whatever the hell she wanted…and I understand that to a point, but you are living under your parent’s house, you follow their rules. You don’t go out, and stay out all night and not let your parent’s know that you either a)will be home late or b) sleeping at a friend’s house. And to top it off, it wasn’t like she was 21 yet, this is like years 18-20. 

Anyway, my sister did something really dumb, and wrote about her recent swipe of her V-card in her journal and left it open on her bed, in her room. which my parents go in and out of on a regular basis, emptying the trash and such. Well, my mom read it…I know its a no no but she did. And the information and the person who she swiped her v-card for was quite disturbing…he was a married marine (I slapped my sister across the face when she told me). Well, as you can guess, my mother wasn’t terribly pleased. And she confronted my sister about it. 

I stayed in my room the entire time the discussion World War III was going on. My sister was saying nasty things to my mother which does not go over well.

I should stop here and mention how my mom is…I am 29 years old and I am still nervous about how she will react to things, she was a teacher for 38 years and can silence a room with a single look…you don’t mess with her. 

Back to the end of the world…nasty things were said…my sister ran to her room and slammed the door. And all was silent in our house for the night. 

Well the next day I was in school…having a wonderful day…seriously having like the best day ever. I come home, to find all of my sister’s stuff in the foyer, letters to me, my mom and my dad, placed at our ‘assigned seats’ at the dinner table. And one of my sister’s friends standing in the kitchen holding some of my sister’s things. I literally just stood there while she loaded all of her things in her friend’s car. And when she left she just gave me the look of death and slammed the door. No goodbye…nothing. 

I thought she left because of something I did, didn’t do, was about to do,I don’t know. I was like 15 at the time and my sister didn’t say goodbye to me and left with nothing but a death glare on her face. 

Now, the letters she left were “I love you all but I can’t live here anymore” which is bullshit but that is besides that point. My sister gave me a huge goodbye complex, and I was not happy with her. 

I love my sister, but I didn’t have to like her very much at this point.